Have a question that’s not listed below? Mail me. Please note that this regardes armour, not jewellery.

Q: How do I care for my new gauntlets/chains/bikni/etc..
A: As a general rule, I advise hand washing pieces. Some MAY be put in a dishwasher as they are primarily stainless steel, but please note I have not tested this myself and do not know if the rubber will be ruined because of the heat. I assume no as most dishwasher themselves have similar rubber components in them, I still advise caution. If the piece has any leather in it, it must be removed so it isn’t ruined.

Q: I want a custom piece! Can you help me?
A: Honestly? I prefer custom work. Shoot me a mail and I’ll get back to you.

Q: What if my piece breaks?
A: Hopefully that never happens, but if does, don’t hesitate to contact me. Most general repairs I’ll do for free. If the piece is mangled it will entail some cost.

Q: Can you offer me some sort of bulk discount on “X” item?
A: Generally speaking, no. I don’t sell by volume as I do all the work by hand myself. In some cases I may be willing to cut a deal. Ask for details.


Q: Will the bikini catch any of my piercings?
A: Though most of the women I have made these for are pierced and haven’t had any problems, I suggest caution. Use pasties or find some way of covering your piercings.

Q: Will this protect me from bullets?
A: No. It’s chain maille, not a bullet-proof vest.

Q: Will this protect me from swords?
A: Most of the armour I sell at shows is not combat grade armour. I will not pretend that it is, so please do not use it for that.

Q: Do you make combat grade armour?
A: Yes. It’s generally more expensive to produce, but I do make it.

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